Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'm a school principal and a writer. The problem, however, is that during the school year the role of principal ALWAYS trumps that of writer. So it was a genuine pleasure to visit Aubrey Elementary in Burnaby, British Columbia this afternoon as a guest author.

I took off my tie before driving over. Too principal-ish. Upon arrival, a student in the hallway asked, "Are you Gregory Walters?" Not Mr. Walters, but Gregory Walters. It made me smile. For one afternoon in a school building, I did not have to investigate who clogged the boys' toilet, I did not have to mediate a dispute between archrivals (best friends only a day earlier) and multitude of URGENT emails had to sit neglected next to SPAM.

I was grilled, but in a good way. "Who is your favorite author?" "Why did you have Tom throw worms?" "What's your favorite Gordon Korman book?" "Have you written anything else?" "What made you come up with the Richmond Racist?" "Why do they change things in movies that are based on books?" "Do you get rich as a writer?"

The grade 5, 6 and 7 students were inquisitive, respectful and informed. Hard to say, but maybe I inspired one audience member to read more or write more. What I know for certain is that they inspired me to get back to my writing.

Right after I deal with those emails...


Charmaine Clancy said...

Great to see quality fiction being put out there for boys.
<a href=">Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers</a>

Abdul said...

Please can you send me just one copy of fouling out.I'd really appreciate it as I have read chapter 1 and have looked almost everywhere for a copy.thank you
Just email me to for the adress. I live in burnaby in fact im grade 4 and go to Aubrey I would have loved to see you but my class wouldn't go down ther.
I just want to say thank you


Hi Abdul,
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you are excited to read the book!

Your school library should order a copy of the book since I visited your school last year. Ask your librarian. Otherwise, I will give your principal our school library copy for you to borrow once it is checked back in.