Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Twit on Twitter

This week I listened to a podcast interview of author Neil Gaiman on Just One More Book. The interview focused on Gaiman's use of blogs and twitter to heighten his profile among readers. Although I have a few blogs, I have never explored twitter. With the podcast still in mind, I created a twitter account for Gregory Walters. (I had to go with the obvious. Why make things obscure when you are trying to be noticed?)

Who knows if I will maintain the twitter profile?! I have already reached a stumbling block in that all the photos of myself take up too much memory to be successfully downloaded. Yet again, I am perplexed my technology--this time the obstacle involves my digital camera and twitter. Why is it that I can download the same photos to my blog, but not to twitter?

I suppose the answer has something to do with the fact that everything is smaller on twitter. Wordy guy that I am, it seems trivial to post one-sentence remarks for browsers. "I am cutting my toenails." "I successfully cut a slice of bread and left all fingers intact." Hmm, this might be amusing after all!

Neil Gaiman has +17,000 followers on twitter. How about me? Anybody? Anybody?

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